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Re: lesson learned DO NOT BUY COMPUTERS FROM BEST BUY (go to DELL)

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@u_hsen wrote:
nah i do it for fun. trying to make people guilty of people trying to go cheap, don't buy their warranties, and try to cry about how best buy mistreated them.


I have a 1 year manufacturer warranty from Dell

and a 1 year warranty from Best buy.


I expect good customer service just for the fact I spent $750.00 at their store.


I should be treated with the same, courtesy and respect as the other person who went out and shelled out more cashfor special coverage which is truly a rip off.



I insist  u_hsen 

you are starting to really annoy me and if you don't stop, I WILL report you for posting nonsesnse!

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Re: lesson learned DO NOT BUY COMPUTERS FROM BEST BUY (go to DELL)

Sorry to say this Ubis but 750 is not a lot of money in the world of electronics....and actually stores like Best Buy and CC lose money on most laptops when they are purchased, which is why the employees are trained to offer accessories and extended warranties.  What happened to you is not the fault of Best Buy or Dell really, just bad luck.  And from experience, the extended warranty from Best Buy is not a rip off, I purchased it on my laptop and they replaced it with a new one when my motherboard fried.  Yes it took two weeks, but it saved me roughly 400$.  Had you bought that laptop elsewhere like CC or Staples or wherever the return policies are the same, so you would have had the same experience.  No I don't work for Best Buy or any of that crap, I drive a beer truck actually, but BB has always treated me right.  Next time buy a 500$ laptop and spend the extra on the warranty, it will save you the headache
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Re: lesson learned DO NOT BUY COMPUTERS FROM BEST BUY (go to DELL)

There was a sale for the Sony laptop for three days advertised in the paper for only $499.99 When I went there the one guy showed me some red computer that looked different from the one in the paper. He kept insisting that it is the same computer even though in the paper the entire structure of the computer was different. I then asked for a manager because there was no way this guy knew what he was talking about. The manager had an attitude too. I asked if she could open the box that I believed was indeed the right computer and she was saying she's going to charge me 15% for opening up a box. And when I finally proved to them after arguing with them for about 40 minutes that he was trying to sell me the wrong computer the manager said a rude comment on how I'm buying a computer for the looks.


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Im never asking anyone for help again in this store.