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laptop won't turn on

I have Toshiba laptop. I had a bad power cord......but now after buying a new cord it won't turn on. Before this is never had a problem.
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Re: laptop won't turn on

Some laptops I've worked with will blink lights if it's turning on but not showing any signs of life. It may even beep. Can you remove the battery from the unit and see if it works?

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Re: laptop won't turn on

Hi Terri –


It’s unfortunate to hear that your laptop’s power cord went bad, and now after replacing it your laptop won’t turn on. There are a number of reasons why your laptop might not be working still, which can be difficult to determine without physically examining your laptop and the power cord.


Before anything I would compare the label on the old broken charger and that on the replacement to ensure they have the same wattage output, as its possible your replacement charger doesn’t provide enough power for you laptop to run. Many generic replacement chargers also come with a number of interchangeable tips to allow the charger to be used with a variety of models, so I’d ensure you’re using the right tip if that’s the case with yours.


Finally if you’re still unable to determine what the issue is I recommend making a reservation to visit your local Geek Squad, where an Agent should be able to determine the problem and advise you on a solution. If you have any other questions feel free to post again.  

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Re: laptop won't turn on

How did you confirm that the problem was the power cord? What if it's the DC jack where the power cord connects to on the laptop? I'd suggest bringing both power cords and the laptop into your local Geek Squad location so that both charger cables can be tested.
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