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iMac default user password?



I recently purchased an open-box iMac for college. It works fine, I'm using it right now actually. The one problem is that anytime I try to change settings on my computer I am asked to provide a password for the Default User. I can not download or run new programs, and I am worried that if I log out and am asked to log back in, I will not be able to. 


Is there a default password I can use to gain access to everything, or do I need to bring it in to a best buy?



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Re: iMac default user password?

There is no, "Default," password per se, but assuming they were lazy (it sounds like they are), just leave the box blank and hit OK and see if it works. :-)
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Re: iMac default user password?

If it was setup for you by the Geek Squad, there is no password. Leave it blank and hit ok. If you'd like to set up a password, you are able to do that.
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Re: iMac default user password?

Hi, I tried that but it doesn't work :/ what do I do?
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Re: iMac default user password?

HI ramo17 –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting. If this was an open-box purchase from us that came with a blank password, we recommend returning to your local store to speak with our Geek Squad Agents there for assistance.



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Re: iMac default user password?

Sometimes people hit the space bar once and press ok. That is usally it. 


The password is what you use to log on when you turn on the computer. 

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