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*iBUYPOWER - Desktop - Intel Core i* - **GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX ****

1.  Can I add a tv tuner to this computer (pci express)

2.  Can I use the hdmi out to connect this computer to my tv instead of a monitor

3.  any suggestions about what external dvd I'll need

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Re: *iBUYPOWER - Desktop - Intel Core i* - **GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX ****

First you should be aware if you open your computer up to add a TV Tuner card you may void your warrenty and or Best Buy Service Plan.



Does your computer have an available open slot? If so what type.


Common TV Tuner Cards utilize PCI Express slots. 

Beaware with some cable companies you may need a Cable Card from your cable company with todays digital programming. 


The Tuner Card will have COAX in.  And you should be able to use your HDMI out to your TV


However, generally speaking you are normally going to be better off connecting your computer to a Monitor instead of a TV for anything other than streaming movies and TV.


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