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hooking my laptop to tv

Hi. I have a dell laptop with a monitor out port. I was just wondering if they made a cord that goes from the monitor out to video or something of that sort. Or if there is a different way to hook it to my TV I would like to know. Thanks
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Re: hooking my laptop to tv

Hey nate,


What you are looking to do is possible though the type of cable you will need depends on what kind of connections are on the back of your TV.  Most computers will connect to a monitor using a standard VGA/SVGA cable, as will many laptops with a video out port.  Unfortunately, not all TV models will support this kind of connection, so an additional adaptor may be necessary.  Such adaptors will typically provide VGA-to-DVI conversion, but please keep in mind that your TV would need to have a DVI input to support this option.


Both VGA cables and VGA-to-DVI adaptors are generally available through most major retailers (including Best Buy) but I’d strongly suggest determining what kind of inputs your TV will accept before making any kind of purchase.  Additional options do exist, so feel free to speak with a home theater specialist at your local store for more information.


Hope this helps you out.


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