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hard disk drive

i'm looking for a HDD my desktop a 5680 insiron dell and i want to had a new storage place as my desktop only has 108GB and i'm looking to get 500GB or 1000GB hard disk drive but i have no idea what kind of disk would work with my computer. thank you for reading this.

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Re: hard disk drive

It's the 5680 a gaming tower? It should have a small ssd(often 128gb) for windows to boot from and a larger terabyte or. More hard drive for storage.. you you sure there isn't one already installed and you just not using it?
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Re: hard disk drive

I did some research too and the 5680 suggests that the main OS boots on the SSD for speed and the gaming is via a fast HDD. You can upgrade them if you know what to look for.


Without much to go on, I would not know.


Also the newer internal SSD units are really not a hard drive unit with an enclosure but rather a card that plugs into a unit that acts as a SSD. '


You CAN get HDD units which are SSD that have a case inside though although if you are looking for the 1TB variety you are looking to pay big bucks for it.


Those drives don't really need to be defragged but use a different defragging technology called TRIM.


Mechanical drives... well I guess they don't make them as good as they used to.

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