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graphics memory vs. ram

just one simple question can i use gddr5 graphics memory in a motherboard that only supports ddr3 ram would there be any bottlnecking, or can amd support ddr4 and im not looking hard enough

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Re: graphics memory vs. ram

If your motherboard has a PCI-E slot for the graphics card, the type of graphics RAM doesn't matter.

You have regular RAM which is used for general computer usage. Your computer will have 4-16gb of RAM in most cases and all running programs use a portion of this RAM. This is the DDR3 RAM that your motherboard supports.

You then have graphics RAM which is RAM that is built into the video card itself. This graphics RAM is used to process/render information while gaming. If your computer supports DDR3 RAM, it's more than likely modern enough to support your new video card as well.

If you want a more concrete answer, post the video card you're looking at and what motherboard you have.

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Re: graphics memory vs. ram

Generally, you can use any kind of video card in your system as long as your motherboard supports it. Many newer cards now have dedicated video memory on board but may swap with your system ram in order to provide a better experience. I remember something back in the old days of Nvidia called Turbocache  where it uses system ram to simulate a lack of on board ram. These cards only were effective if you had a certain amount of ram. And if you did not, well it would not use that feature and you would be limited to the onboard ram. 


Many people avoided that kind of video card.


Keep in mind that the clock speed of the memory can potentially bottleneck the performance of a video card if the requirements are not met. (I've seen many examples of people putting a luxury video card in a cheap tower and all kinds of issues go wrong and sometimes leads to permanent hardware failure.))

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Re: graphics memory vs. ram

thank you so much