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graphic cards gone...

Hello there i was shopping today to get a 3070 gtx today but all gone. They dont even have the smaller ones. One of the sales men said all the stores are out, an No one knows when they will get a shipment in......... How long has this been going on an when will there be graphic cards in stock, even online shopping all gone????

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Re: graphic cards gone...

Graphics cards are in short supply since the Pandemic hit at the beginning of last year.  I'm not familiar with a 3070 GTX, but the entire release of RTX graphics cards (3070, 3080. 3090) have not yet reached a market saturation and are still considered to be in extremely short supply.  Whenever we get a shipment in (inconsistent timing, usually shipped straight from the manufacturer) they sell out shortly thereafter.  I would recommend signing up for alerts on the item you wish to purchase, even with that extra advantage you'll need to be extremely vigilant at this time.  Hopefully the vaccine will help return things to normal and production will increase, unfortunately the shortage starts there so Best Buy can only get what's available to sell.

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