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drivers for NS‑P10W8100

Something ate my windows, no idea what did it I followed instructions to reset my device to factory default. Didn't know it doesn't have a recovery partition that holds all the drivers and installs.

When I tried reinstalling it would just error and go back to the "Reset from startup".


I got it to work with a USB install drive but wont find my drivers for a bunch of hardware.


Normally companies post drivers on the product's Support & Downloads.... 


Is there a hidden download link or something that can be sent to me???


I have seached this forum and tried drivers from other devices...some luck.

My screen is now upside down and touch doesn't work right.


Soo frustrated. I loved the device while it was working but not looking forward to driving over a hundred miles just for best buy to look at me stupid Smiley Sad


Any ideas??

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Re: drivers for NS‑P10W8100

Ended up taking it back to BestBuy. This time I backed up EVERYTHING.

As promised to the insignia support guy, I am posting the drivers.

These were extracted with DriverBackup!

They should be all the drivers that don't come with windows install.!244xxb5I!y8EavCMRcTMyhx5zCEnb7iHvEHiC9mAX4HYEbWPzTT8


if you use these drivers on another device be warned. The accelerometer might not work right if it has a differnt orientation. 

It is cause the screen to flip wrong.

Likewise, the touchscreen drivers might not work for other size devices.


Now if i could just keep the stupid creative update from installing. Tried 7 times. Then it sneaks in Smiley Sad







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Re: drivers for NS‑P10W8100

it there any way you could sent the actual back up file used when restoring in DriverBackup!