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computer problems

having several problems...

1. whenever I run "check for updates", it never finishes. I've let it run for more than 24 hours. 

2. I can't seem to run certain programs because they require Visual C++ 2013 or 2015 (I'm not entirely sure which one), but I've downloaded both, and the programs still won't run.


 Please help

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Re: computer problems

Hmmmm.... There are many reasons why your computer may have the updates not complete. What OS are you running?


Also a corrupted OS can cause certain things to register improperly even when you reinstall them. You may or not have Malware / Spyware / viruses on your computer but it can't be ruled out.


I would run a program called AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes for starters to check for any infections to your system.


CCleaner is also a good idea because it contains a registry check features. As with all products and advice suggested here, please consult the advice of a computer professional first before performing any self maintinence

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Re: computer problems

Do you have Windows 7? If so, you'll want to install the KB3172605 update before your updates will work.You can find the update here : however, installing it is not always so straightforward. It downloading and running the update doesn't work or doesn't fix the issue, it needs to be installed manually...which is more complicated.

I fix this issue multiple times per day, so if you can't get it working and have a Geek Squad Tech Support plan or are willing to pay for a one-time repair service, we can fix it for you remotely at .
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