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computer issue

I bought my Asus laptop in april of 2016 and it was sent to my house May of 2016 and i used the computer for a month and then it crashed on me.So June of 2016 I took it to Geek Squad and had to pay money for them to tell me that they couldn't do anything about it because the recovery media was bad, so they told me to contact Asus which i did. I called Asus in June and they said that something would be sent to my house for me to send the computer back to them to have it fixed. It is now July of 2016 and i have still gotten nothing from Asus. I'm not sure what to do about it anymore because i financed it and still owe money on it, I dont want to make payments on a brand new computer that won't even work. If anybody could help me i would appreciate it.

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Re: computer issue

Contact Asus again.  



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Re: computer issue

When you purchase something from Best Buy, regardless of how you purchase, once the return policy expires, you are stuck with the unit you purchased. Failing to make payments on your credit card account will make your credit bad. 


You are under the hands of the manufacturers warranty now. If the recovery partition is bad, Windows 10 may be still installed on the unit, in this case a Windows 10 64 bit disc would come in handy to restore the system in the event the traditional recovery method does not work. Please keep in mind that while you can restore a system with that disc, you may need to download drivers from an additional source. 


If you are within warranty, you can ask Geek Squad to help you find out the warranty information so you can get the right assistance you need from the manufacturer. 


I'm surprised that Geek Squad did not offer to help you repair this unit under the manufacturers warranty as they are supposed to look at all options when you bring in your unit.

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