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can't log on after valdation

I installed windows xp and validated. When I try to log on it says I need to validate. When I hit the validate button it tells me I have already validated. I called for tech support and I didn't write down the number given when I validated (validated over the phone), can anyone help me with this? If I take in to have someone call into tech support I will have to pay $70.00 and I don't have the money right now.



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Re: can't log on after valdation

Interesting question actually, since Windows mandated WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) back in 2005 there have been many situations just like yours. Realistically there are 2 reasons that you see this message, 1. Your copy of Windows may not be legitimate (If you purchased the computer from a friend it's a good possibility) or 2. You recently made a major hardware change (Motherboard, CPU etc.) that makes Window's think it's on a new system. 


I recommend you give the phone number a call, if you have a legitimate copy they will help you determine that and resolve the issue with you.