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can't connect to wireless network - please help!

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I have a dell desktop connected to a cable modem via usb cables.  I bought a laptop and am trying to setup a wireless router.  The instructions for the router are all for ethernet hookups.  I tried connecting ethernet cables from the modem to the computer and removing usb cables but lost my connection to the internet.  I was told that it my ethernet port on my modem may be bad so I got a neew modem.  Ethernet cables still wouldn't allow my desktop comp to connect to internet.  Is there a wireless router that uses usb cables instead of ethernet?  Or is there an adapter to plug into usb port on comp that then connects to ethernet cables?  I'm really computer illiterate with this stuff so if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.


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Re: can't connect to wireless network - please help!

Actually... there is a way. (Maybe)


Esentially when you get a router out of the box for the first time, its an unprotected network. You could try connecting the ethernet cable from the router to the modem. You can then look into the network settings to see if that router has an SSID. If it does, youre in luck, connect to it, and then  search the router documentation to see the IP address to manually get into the router settings, from there you can then create a password.


About the ethernet port being bad: Is this on the desktop or the modem? Have you tried replacing the cable because sometimes the wiring inside the cables, especially the plastic connector shorts out after awhile, no ethernet cord lasts forever Smiley Happy

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Re: can't connect to wireless network - please help!

I called the 1-800-best buy number and the guy i talked to said it sounds like the ethernet port on the modem was bad because when i connected my laptop directly to the modem with an ethernet cable my laptop wouldn't connect to the internet.  Well I bought a new modem and the ethernet cable still didn't work.  I tried 2 different ethernet cables.  I should be able to directly hook up to the modem and connect on my laptop right? The cox cable people said that we may need an ethernet card....???? What's that all about? 


How do I know if my router has an SSID number and then how do I connect to it?  The lynksys wireless router that I bought conncets from the modem to the router and the router to the back of the home computer. 


We brought the wireless router to my boyfriend's house, who also has his modem connected with usb.  We removed usb cable and connected ethernet cable from router to desktop comp. We got on the internet.  We connnected my laptop to the modem with ethernet cable.  I got on the internet.  We set up the router and all that and it worked.  I can now get on there wireless network.  What's wrong at my house?


Like I said before, I'm really bad at computer stuff like this so I really appreciate any help that you give me.  Thanks for your response.

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Re: can't connect to wireless network - please help!

Your original modem is set up for the USB connection for your desktop.  You will need to setup the modem to use the ethernet port and quite possibly your desktop.  You need to get this going first before you toss in the wireless router.   Once you get your desktop working on the internet, test out the laptop using the same patch cable for the desktop.  With the desktop working, follow the  instructions to set up the wireless router for security and the typical setup procedures with the modem.  Hopefully you can get this far.  One thing to add, new modems will need to be setup with your Broadband provider.  They probably will help you over the phone to set it up.    These instructions are abbreviated. 

Good Luck!

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