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amazon tablet

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helly my name is clarisa {removed per forum guidelines}


I have an eigt inch tablet my tablet is not charging when  I put te charger on it is not working sometimes it only works but it shows still dead .

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Re: amazon tablet

How old is your tablet?


Can you try a different charger


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Re: amazon tablet

More than likely it is one of two things: 


1) The easiest and (hopefully) ideal issue is you just need a new charger cable. Get a new charger cable and see if that fixes it. 

2) The one that you would of course hope isn't the issue is that the port has somebody been damaged. These ports are just saudered on and aren't the most secure. As tablet users we are consistently pushing in and out the charger cable which is general wear and tear on the port. I had an IPAD tablet that had the same issue unfortunately. 


If it's the cable it should be a fairly easy replacement. If it's the port itself I would suggest taking it to a specialist who can remove the shell and can investigate further. GeekSquad services at BestBuy do tablet repairs and should be able to assist you in an official diaganosing and repair. 

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Re: amazon tablet

Hi, Clarisa!


Thanks for reaching out about this. I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your tablet. Sadly, I've ran into that before and it can be quite frustrating. The comments above have some awesome recommendations to get started with.


If you have a spare charging cable around, I would try that first. If nothing works with that, the next step would be to use a different outlet. That may sound weird, but it occasionally can be the problem. If you're still not seeing any sign of life, please try and hold down the power button for about 30 seconds, with the tablet powered off. Once you've done that, plug it back in and try to power up the tablet normally. 


At this point, if you're still not seeing any changes, I would recommend creating an appointment for your local Geek Squad. More often than not, we can diagnose it right at the counter and we'll go from there. To do so, please visit to set up an appointment.

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Re: amazon tablet

I don't know when you bought it, but If it's within X amount of time Amazon has great CS to replace defective tablets. While Geek Squad can help diagnose if its a recent purchase let Amazon know and they can send you a comparable replacement while having you send the defective back.


Some of the previous gen models have reilability issues I've seen this on multiple forums online.

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