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ZoneAlarm is having trouble updating it's anti-virus service and it seems to be having trouble with it's identity protection service as well, please help.
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Re: ZoneAlarm

Hi again, xgmx!


A quick search of their support site suggested two things: 1. get the manual updates from and choose "Clean install" when asked to update OR  2. right-click the Zone alarm icon to temporarily disable the firewall to try and make the connection.   I have seen users accidently block themselves from the internet by randomly clicking on messages without reading them critically.  Perhaps you accidently blocked itself from receiving internet updates?

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Re: ZoneAlarm

I use ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and, if this is a recent update, they have had issues.  If it is version 8.x, try turning off the "On Access Scan" and do a manual update.  If that fixes the immediate update problem, they sent me a fix for real problem.  It basically required me to totally uninstall ZA and reinstall with a few extra steps.