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Wondering if i should buy or wait

There’s a computer that my girlfriend and I are looking to buy and it’s currently on sale from $1100 down to $850 and I think we should buy it now because it’s $250 off but everybody else is saying wait until black friday it might be cheaper. I feel like it probably won’t be cheaper and I don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting a good computer because it “might be” cheaper. Also the sale unfortunately ends sunday and the return period only lasts 15 days so we won’t be able to buy it now and try to price match on black friday if it is cheaper. I’m just hoping for some advice or somebody’s opinion on this situation as I’ve never experienced this before and don’t know how to approach a solution.
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Re: Wondering if i should buy or wait

generally the really good computers are not on sale for Black Friday and when they are they are hard to get.


I would guess that if you wait it either won't be the same price or you may not be able to get it. 


Thats a pretty good price drop

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Re: Wondering if i should buy or wait

Hi there, Hentryb,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums Page. I believe that bobberuchi's response is accurate. I encourage you to check out website weekly to see what new deals may show up. 


Thank you for your patience here. 

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Re: Wondering if i should buy or wait

I tend to buy what I might like at Black Friday in July on the Best Buy site. However on the MS Browser Micrsoft seems to have an extension built in that keeps track of the sites you visit and compares prices if the items are the same or similar. I bought an Asus laptop for $99 regularly $249.99 on Best Buy's black friday in july sale and every time I return to the page to compare prices within the last 30 days there has been times where the laptop several weeks later returned to the $99 price 

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