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Wireless routers

I need a router that will accomodate 2 laptops. they are the Acer Chromebook 11? Can you give me some inexpensive choices please?


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Re: Wireless routers

Pretty much any router will be able to support your setup. The bigger variables are generally going to be the speed of the internet connection that you're paying for and how far the devices are going to away from the router.

If you'd like a specific recommendation, a decent lower end router is:

If you'd like a step up in quality and coverage distance, you can get this:

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Re: Wireless routers

Good advice from Deusexmachina.


I have had 4 brands of router but I wll stick with Netgear from now on. 


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Re: Wireless routers

There are wide range of routers, but i only suggest you Netgear nightawk. Because i am also using this, it is best for fast wifi connection. You can check more routers on best buy ecommerce site, you get more help.