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Wireless router connects but computer won't surf the net...

My old computer will connect to the wireless router, but when I go to Msn to try to get on the net, it always says can't display web page.  If I try Aol 9.0 which I still have a subscription to, it says there is not enough memory to run the program.  So I deleted all the music and every unused program and pictures to free up some space and still says not enough memory.  I re-downloaded Aol 6.0.  I can sign in and it will come up to the AOL welcome page, but it won't do any searching, it just stays there.  The Yahoo IM works just fine.  I don't know why that would work and I cant get on anything else.  My new computer uses the same router and works just fine.  If anyone could give me some pointers it would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Re: Wireless router connects but computer won't surf the net...

Its very likely that the wireless frequency channel on your router is not agreeing with the wireless frequency of your WIFI adapter on your computer. I had a similar situation where my mothers computer would not connect until I set the channel from automatic to channel 11.
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