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Wireless Router

I have problems connecting my new Eee PC to my wireless router it keeps saying Limited Connectivity..I need help

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Re: Wireless Router

What all have you tried? Which security settings are you using, WEP, WPA 2 ? What you can try is to erase the networks your Netbook has saved by right clicking on the Wifi Bars at the bottom right of your screen, selecting "Open Network and Sharing Center"  and then to the left, click on "Manage Wireless Networks" 


Find any networks in this list, right click on reach one, and remove them from the list. Once you have cleaned up in there, reboot your computer and try to connect again. Also, if you still have problem, connect again, and when you get limited connectivity right click the Wifi bars and select Troubleshooting center. Windows can most often detect simple problems and let you know what they are. 


Try to also connect to other places and see if you can get on their networks, if you can, there may be a defect in the router, or it may not like your new Netbook. The Geek Squad can also offer advice if mine does not resolve your issue. 

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