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Windows Update stuck on step 3 of 3 at 0%

    I've had my gateway laptop for over a year now and haven't had too many problems. Adjusting to Windows Vista was slightly difficult, but I finally got all the programs to get along. I've been playing World of Warcraft on the laptop for the past 6 months.  The last time I was playing I didn't realize I had the battery unplugged. Needless to say in the middle of playing the computer shut down because the battery was drained.  I plugged it back in as usual and turned it on. I expected it to want to start in safemode, but it never got that far. Instead now when it boots it gets stuck on the Windows Update screen stating it is on Step 3 of 3 and at 0%.  It will stay like this for a few moments and then it will state Windows will restart. The process goes on and on.  I've gotten it as far to allowing me to choose safemode, but even then it still gets stuck on this Windows update. Anyone have any ideas of what to do?
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Re: Windows Update stuck on step 3 of 3 at 0%


Thank you for your question, I hope you found a solution. Are you able to intentionally boot into Safe Mode? If you can then try to select “Last Known Good Configuration” from the Safe Mode menu to see if that will reset Windows. I have seen this issue a few times when Automatic Updates tries to install Vista Service Pack 1. Your computer may have tried downloading the latest updates for installation and then when your system suddenly rebooted it was unable to complete the updates. Alternately, if you can use Windows System Restore and go back a few days or otherwise you may need to reinstall Vista and perform all updates. Best of luck!
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