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Windows 10 V1607 Not Necessarily On Newly Purchased Computers At Bestbuy

Windows 10 with a Version Number 1511 was released in August 2015.


Windows 10 with a Version Number 1607 (Anniversary Update) was released in August 2016.  This was a HUGE update taking between 4-5 hours to fully finish, if you were lucky. In many cases, this "Anniversary Update" failed to install, or customers who were unaware that any MS update could take up to 5 hours to install, and regrettably they simply powered off their computer after 1 or two hours, thereby really messing up their computer.  In these cases, customers have had to turn to Microsoft's "manual" Media Creation Tool in order to update and stabilize their O/S... Another 4hrs. 


I have worked with over 250 seniors to help them optimize and innoculate their computers for safe operation.  6 to 8 of these senior have recently purchased "NEW" Windows 10 computers since the beginning of the year only to find out that their new computer came with the obsolete and very buggy Windows 10 V 1511.  Something is very, very wrong to saddle these Seniors with the monster upgrade known as Windows 10 V1607.Anniversary Update!  When they purchased, they trusted that "New" meant "New".  I understand minor to moderate updates may be necessary, but NOT a 5-6 hour "trial by fire".


It appears Best Buy, Staples, Amazon are hiding this information from the customer to  unload obsolete Win10 O/S's from old stock dating way back to before Win 10 V1607 was released in August 2016.


PLEASE people..., exactly how can a naive, but trusting consumer know for sure that their brand new computer has V1607 for the initial setup and configuration.  I find no mention in the various computer vendor's advertizing online, nor in any mention made on the MFG's box containing the computer or materials included in the box,that tells the customer in advance exactly which Win 10 version is included in the sale. Nor is their any caveat that buying a machine with the obsolete V1511 will cause them an inordinated amount of hours and frustration to simply get their NEW computer "Up-to-Date".


After the initial computer setup, forcing customers to go through the 4 - 6 hour ordeal of "Win 10 Anniversary Update"  that often fails, causing another 4 hrs recovery using MS Media Creation Tool install is totally unexceptable.


Selling a New Computer with the Obsolete V1511 O/S, when a much improved V1607 has been out since August of 2016, and failing to notify the customer of this fact, is the worst of the worst when it comes to Best Practices within the Customer Service World.


I would respectfully ask that Best Buy (and all other computer retailers) openly disclose the Windows O/S Version that the trusting customer will be greeted with after a typical 90 minute setup.  Best Practice, print the O/S Version on the Mfg's Label on every Computer Box.  At the bare minimum, have your Receiving Department write the Version Number on the label so the customer can be fully informed prior to buying the computer.  


So simple, yet soooo very honest and transparent. Your customers will love you for your honesty on this issue.




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Re: Windows 10 V1607 Not Necessarily On Newly Purchased Computers At Bestbuy

This is more of a subject to bring up with the manufacturers of computers.


Personally my last new computer the manufacturer had set it up to not automatically install OS updates.


This is like blaming the manufacturer of a dog collar for someones dog doing his business on your front yard.

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