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Will Best Buy replace a battery in my Ipad Mini 4?

If I take my Ipad Mini 4 to the Best Buy where I bought it, will they replace the battery for me?
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Re: Will Best Buy replace a battery in my Ipad Mini 4?

Their techs may not be able to replace it in store but they can probably send it out.  But it will cost a pretty penny.


You may want to consider buying a new iPad.  the batteries on iPad are pretty long lasting.  Exposure to exceptional heat and cold can shorten that.  My iPad is 8 years old.  


So if your mini is simply that old it may be time to get a new one.  It could also very well be another issue.


Does it simply not hold a charge for long?

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Re: Will Best Buy replace a battery in my Ipad Mini 4?

Hi MarinaFreeman,


First let me say, welcome to our forums, we love having new members. 


An IPad mini 4 and Best Buy are a great duo. I love my iPad and use it almost every single day. As @bobberuchi mentioned, most of our stores will be able to send your iPad out for repair if there is an issue with it. An even better solution however, is our Apple Authorized Service Provider locations. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we have select stores that are certified in repairing iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, HomePod and more. We even have stores that offer same-day iPhone repairs. You can check out all the details, and find your closest Apple Authorized Service Provider Best Buy here.

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