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Which desktop would be better?

I am a college student so can't spend too much money. I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, and would like your opinion. I do some light gaming, but nothing too serious. Would just like to use steam and run a few games. I do normal websurfing, and watch a lot of videos on youtube/netflix. Both seem pretty good for my use, but not sure which one I want. Thanks!

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Re: Which desktop would be better?

Great thing to get into a new computer. 


Between the two it really is a trade off but for me the big distinguishing feature tha would push me in one direction or another would be the Graphics.


The Lenovo has a GeForce GT 730 which by todays standards, while still a very good card, has more than double the graphics processing power than the Intel integrated grapics on the Dell.


Which to me is sad when it is paired with a faster HDD and more RAM.  If the Dell had a dedicated graphics card then I would seriously go with the Dell.  Dell is a very good solid company. My work computers have been Dell for the last 15 years.


However, if you want to play Steam Games I think your going to have a better game experience with the Lenovo.  


Lenovo is also a good quality brand that I have had good experience with.

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