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Which Router?

We are having some issues running our Roku devices over our NetGear N900 WNDR4500v2 wireless router. Someone on the NetGear forums says it is either one of two things - either our router is failing or we don't have one powerful enough. Went to Best Buy's website and there are more NetGear routers than Carter's has liver pills! What kind do we want and why?

Our internet service provider is cable. Our cable modem and router are on the first floor of our house and our Roku devices are on the second floor. We are also adding an office space in the garage and we will want to access our wireless network from there as well.

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Re: Which Router?

Your absolut best option on the Roku is to hook it directly with an ethernet cable to your router.  


If that is not an option I would look at a dual band Router.  A dual band will allow you to connect select devices to each band.  


I have Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 and it works exceptionally well.  Upgrading that greatly increased my connection speeds around the house.


As far as direct connect.  My ROKU physically sits 6 inches away from my router (let me quality that by saying my old router) It connected just fine but often there would be a delay to start while it buffered.  Even with the old router when I hooked it up via Ethernet it was many many times faster.


However, the AC1900 is a bit pricy, but I also use it to game.  Overal it has made wireless connectivity throughout my house better. My daughter can now use her iPad out in the front and back yards.


Routers are on sale right now for Labor Day.  The  Netgear AC1750 should work fine as well.  But if there is any chance you can connect an ethernet cable to it that is your best option.



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Re: Which Router?

@bobberuchi is absolutly right, You need to connect your roku device with ethernet cable. 


You getting this issue because your device is so far from router signals. You need to put your roku within the range or near to router, if you can't do this, should buy dual band router.