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Which Netbook is right for you? Read here for suggestions.

With the popularity of Netbooks on the rise, its important to pay attention to all the features that you possibly might be getting before purchasing.


Many of them ship with Linux. This configuration is fine for people who are just doing basic internet surfing, managing photos, and doing some webcam chatting. However, these models do not run Windows programs and they are quite limited in storage capacity. Were talking about 3 to 4 gigabytes of storage.


In short, its fine for the basic user. If you are a power user, consider getting the Acer Netbooks with a large capacity drive. They have Windows on them and are suitable for people who demand more features then Linux can offer and you can install lots of programs.


When buying a Netbook with Windows, you really want to purchase an external burner or drive to install programs on it. You might want to buy memory cards and other peripherals as well.


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