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When will Best Buy get the New Dell XPS's in?

I am a huge fan of the new dell xps 2-in-1's with the 10th gen processors. They are up for sale on dell's website not sure how long they have been there but they are selling them. I want this computer pretty bad (but in no rush), and I would love to buy it from Best Buy as I have some certficates I can redeem and would absolutely put the protection plan on it however Best Buy doesn't seem to sell it yet. Anyone have any idea when it may pop onto Best Buy's website for sale? 

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Re: When will Best Buy get the New Dell XPS's in?

Keep checking the BBY site, thats the only way you will know when they come in. Inventory comes in daily and release dates are only for a few popular categories such as video games, movies etc.

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Re: When will Best Buy get the New Dell XPS's in?

Personally I get excited about getting a new computer.  Even the models my company provides us (all Dell BTW)


I can see that they are in the process of closing out the pre-10th Gen models. 


Unfortunatly the moderators here will be unable to speculate on when they will get the new XPS in.  However, BB is a big carrier of Dell Computers and I am sure they will make an appearance soon. 


You can search for 


xps 7390


on their web site.  Now you will still get hits for the 8th Gen processors as Dell does not change the model number 



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