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When are these finally going on sale?

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When are these finally going on sale? {removed per forum guidelines} i need to buy one


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Re: When are these finally going on sale?

Due to potential links to viruses and for security reasons I will not click on the link you have provided. If you wish to discuss the product on these forums that is cool.


Generally the sale of items on is planned on the coroporate level but people like you and I will never know what goes on sale at any given time. 


If you really have an interest in such product, contact the manufacturer for more information and ask them when it goes on sale.

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Re: When are these finally going on sale?

It is my understanding that the GTX 1060 is currently available for sale.  



However, a speculative reason why they are not showing on Best Buys web site for sale is becuase production as of an artilcle I read from July 20th indicates that the issues lies with the manufacturer at this time.  Production levels are veyr very low at and there are stock issues world wide.  


It is my thought they are stemmig it back becuase the RX 480, while being a lower perfroming card, is garnering the sales due to its price point.  They may be holding off to see how well they actually sell.


Personaly I am not ready to jump into a VR GPU at this time.  While this is not exactly first generation it is close.  2 or more releases down the road will see remarkable improvements and more importantly a flood of VR ready games. 

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