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What tablets can you use with autocad

I am looking for a tablet that I can run autocad on
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Re: What tablets can you use with autocad

I use AutoCAD at my job.  


Unfortunaly you will probalby not be able to find a table that is robust enought to run AutoCAD other than the Microsoft Surface Pro


Even though the requirements for AutoCAD are not terribly high your tablet archectiture is generally not robust enough to adquatly run AutoCAD.


One of your biggest restriction is AutoCAD requires Windows.  The bulk of tablets on the market run Android.  Apple Tablets run iOS



If you are going to get it to run on a tablet you best bet is going to be a Microsoft Surface Pro, which in essence are more like laptops that can be used like a tablet


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Re: What tablets can you use with autocad

I was going to suggest possibly researching those touch screen 2 in 1 Ultrabooks.  Do you think they have enough performance for AutoCAD?

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Re: What tablets can you use with autocad

A pro model of a Microsoft Surface may be able to run it as they are running more advanced technology than some of those low end Windows tablets run on the hardware side. Assuming you get a model with high enough hard drive capacity and that's the only program you are going to run, you should be fine with it.

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