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What's the perfect laptop for me? Please help!

Ok so I'm buying a new laptop and a cnc machine to do some work. So the main thing is that I want it to be fast enough to run the machine and but the big part of making the machine work is the 3d software something like fusion 360...or sketch up or along those lines. The machines req are really only Windows 8 and above or works off either so the software is main object. I dont want it to be laggy! Also would like to be able to put Photoshop/video editing so a fast enough processor for all that....not all working at same time though of course.

I just dont know anything about processor or RAM hard drive all that.....someone said a amd processor is best but not sure what that is please if anyone can tell me the best or minimum specs I should be looking for in a new laptop would be great! Also any links or laptop names that would match my needs would be awesome as well! Thanks to all in advance!
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Re: What's the perfect laptop for me? Please help!

How does the CNc machine connect to the laptop. USB 2,3 USB c, serial port?
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Re: What's the perfect laptop for me? Please help!

Hi, AfjalKhan,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forum! Thanks for posting.

Generally speaking, hardware and system requirements for different pieces of software will be available directly through the software manufacturer. I see that you have a couple of different pieces of software listed, which one would you like to be able to run? Do you have the model number of the CNC machine that you will be purchasing?


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Re: What's the perfect laptop for me? Please help!

You want at least 8 gigs of ram, but 16 would probably be better. 


It might be good to look for a "gaming laptop," because that might give you the specs you need for 3d rendering. Also if you look on youtube there are some good videos of "best gaming laptops" etc. Some of those explain the specs. 

I've heard good things about AMD cards lately.