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What MacBook Pro to buy

I got a few questions.I not sure if the macbook pro i should get in the link.I be use it for freelance with apps like xcode sketch designer i not surew what video card is good to get for design.Borth got the same video card.Would i need a usb drive if i go with the macbook pro 2018 with 256gb SSD?,5998601&url=%2Fsite%2Fsearchpage.jsp%3Fst%3Dmacboo...

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Re: What MacBook Pro to buy

I would certainly look to the 


Model: MR972LL/A

SKU: 5998601


It has a more powerful processor, better video card, and a larger SSD.


Xcode Sketch will run perfectly fine the other MacBook.  But if your apps are getting more complex and involving multiple pages and art boards you going to see dramatic improvement with the MR972LL/A


If your just going to make simple one or two page apps the other MAC is just fine


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