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Vundo.C Trojan Help

Hi, I'm using a Gateway I bought from Bestbuy in 2004. Recently I had a problem where my Internet Explorer would launch a blank mini-window in the top left hand corner of my screen. Soon after many popups would appear with ads for allergy medication and the 2009 Antivirus Software. Of course I did not download the 2009 Antivirus Software, and instead I got AVG 8.0 Free. After running the virus scan it deleted what seemed to be causing the problem, a Trojan named Vundo.c. After doing some research I found it's a nasty Trojan that recreates itself and hides throughout your harddrive. At the moment it is not horribly affecting my computer, but everyday when I run the scan it seems to have popped up elsewhere in my computer and I have to "vault" it. I have tried scanning my comp is safe mode and trying to delete any odd files in my registry editor, but to no avail. I also found a fix by symmantec for Vundo.b, but that did not work either. Is there any other suggestions anybody has, other files I should look for, or is there an alternate forum that would be more useful for this situation?


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Re: Vundo.C Trojan Help

If you are infected with AntiVirus2009, you will need to reformat your computer because there is no way to remove it.  It's probably just going to get worse over time, and eventually the computer will crash.  You should backup your data now, and then reformat. 


Geek Squad will charge you $299.99 to backup your data and restore your computer.


If you don't want them to backup your data, they will restore your computer for $199.99.













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Re: Vundo.C Trojan Help

er... it is $99 for back up fiels

and $129 to restore your operating system for you provide you have the restore cd.

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Re: Vundo.C Trojan Help

Hey Uthorlol,


I'm sorry that you're having problems with your computer. That virus is a tricky one, but be self insured that Geek Squad®  can get rid of it. I'm sorry that you have gotten the incorrect information. AVG is a very nice Anti-Virus, if you purchase it. Since it is the free version, your computer is not being protect as best as it could be. At Geek Squad®, we offer a Diagnostic, Repair, and Protection, which is $299.99. With that service you get a Full Diagnostic of your computer, then we will removed all the traces of viruses on your computer. Once that is completed we will run a System Optimization, which will remove all the non-sense files on your computer that can slow it down, or just takes up space. Then we install Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spyware of your choice, Kaspersky(highly recommend), Trend Micro, Webroot, etc. Also when checking your computer in, (if you decide to) make sure you bring in your recovery disks. Normally if I notice any chance of data loss, I contact the client and let him know 4 things, hey we're going to have to re-install the Operating System on your unit, there will be data loss, you have (example) 31gbs of HDD spaced used, we can back that up as an Unlimited Data Backup which is $159.99. If you do want specific data backed up an Agent will help you with that. For anything up to 9.4gbs is $99.99.


If that is not the route that you want to take, then we have a Diagnostic, and Repair. Which we run the Full Diagnostic, with the Repair, and the Optimization. The Data backup is optional on both services. Once again I'm sorry that you're having problems with your computer. If you have any questions, please contact me, or just go into Geek Squad, and have them run a quick Diagnostic. They will be able to help you when they can see the symptoms of the computer. Happy Holidays!


~ Austan

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