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Video Cards and S-Video

I'm interested with hooking my computer up with S-video so I'm able to watch movies from my computer on my tv. My computer dosen't have an S-video outlet (my tv dosen't either- but my VHS/DVD recorder does), so I'd have to buy a video card and get it installed.

My question is; is a video card what I need, could best buy install this for me and what do you think the price range might be? Thanks!



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Re: Video Cards and S-Video

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Yes, if you are trying to connect your PC to your TV using S-video, you will need a video card that has an S-video output.  You can buy a video card at any local BB, and the prices depend on which video card you purchase.  Since your only buying this card for S-video, I reccommend the cheapest card available in your local BB store.  Any card with an S-video will work.



The Geek Squad can install your video card for a $49.99 Hardware Installation, and it should take them about 30 minutes.


It will probably be around $100 for the card + installation.


Also, make sure the video card is compatable with your PC, ask a GS agent to take a look at your motherboard to figure out what type of video card you need.



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