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Re: Upgrading a HP Laptop.


@RealGeorgeW wrote:
ASUS U50F, the BBY flavor. And no, it's not capable of 8GB, although a few sites claim it can, ASUS says no.
Here's a fact for you....
Manufacturers only offer (or support if you want to use the technical term) whatever is deemed market acceptable and profitable for their pre-packaged offerings when it comes to HDDs and memory. Since you have a budget notebook, it was tested with budget components. Specifically a slow 5400RPM HDD and  two 2gb ddr3 10600 SODIMMS. Those make it just like any other budget offering on the market. You can certainly slap two 4GB sticks in there and have it work given that other Asus machines with the same hardware take it just fine and you have both 64-bit hardware and software. My HP desktop is only rated for 8GB of memory by HPs specs. Guess what? It uses 16GB because 4GB DDR2 DIMMS weren't widely available and weren't offered by HP. My older HP laptop was rated for 4GB and it uses 8GB. 4GB DDR2 SODIMMS were never offered by HP for any of their laptops. So on and so forth...


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Re: Upgrading a HP Laptop.

Smiley Happy Being that you correctly identified it as a budget machine, which, it wasn't bought because it's cheap, I bought it for battery life anyway I digress. I guess I'll have to head into the store and try it there so I can return it right away if it doesn't work.

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