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UEFI BIOS for P10W8100

Hello. I have an Insignia brand NS-P10W8100 Windows 10 tablet. Due to some problems that started with a Windows update and shenanigans with the touchscreen I went into the UEFI to see if there was a problem there. So I fliped a setting from one brand of screen to another. Now the tablet doesn't display anything except through the HDMI port while Windows is active. Nothing displays on the screen itself, even after using Windows to boot into the BIOS. I think if I had a comprehensive list of the menus for this BIOS I could blind navigate there using the keyboard, but I won't know the setting I changed until I see it. I've already spoken with Geek Squad about this, but they don't have a "magic bullet" for this or anything. So does anyone have a guide to the menus of this tablet? Is it the same as another tablet maybe? This isn't a bad tablet, it's too bad Best Buy didn't give better documentation on these devices. Thanks in advance for any help. Smiley Happy

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Re: UEFI BIOS for P10W8100

Hello, kmcderm1333, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for connecting with us regarding your Insignia tablet! I've had one myself, and they're pretty great tablets. Having the screen work only via HDMI cable after you made an update though would be far from ideal. With that said, we would not have such documentation as you are looking for. 


For more in depth troubleshooting though, you may contact Insignia Support directly at (877) 467-4289. 


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Re: UEFI BIOS for P10W8100


     Thanks for your response. It is a pretty great tablet. I've already spoken to Insignia Support and Geek Squad.

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Re: UEFI BIOS for P10W8100

Great! Thank you for the update, kmcderm133! Don’t hesitate to stick around and roam the forums to share your knowledge.


Thanks again!

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