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Trying to figure out which of us got the better deal....

So, I recently purchased a Laptop from Bestbuy Friday and my brother purchased one today from Walmart.


My Laptop specifications:


Dell Inspiron 15.6"

Touch Screen

Intel i7 Dual Core

8GB Memory

1TB Hard Drive



My brother'so Laptop specifications:


HP 15.6"

Touch Screen

AMD Quad Core A8

4GB Memory

500 Hard Drive



Mine has Intel Integrated Graphics 520. Not sure what graphics card my brother's has.


Anyway, I would have thought mine was the better laptop considering it was $500 more, but now I'm reading that AMD Quad is better than i7 Core.


It's not making sense to me. Which of these 2 laptops is ACTUALLY more powerful?




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Re: Trying to figure out which of us got the better deal....

Well the Dual Core i7 processors use an ultra low voltage method for better battery life and there still are features on that processor to allow it to function just as well. 


AMD processors tend to list their processor speeds and performance to a slight exaggeration (to an extent) and may not be truly comparable.


Keep in mind, the touch screen may likely increase the price along with other aspects of the unit. 

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Re: Trying to figure out which of us got the better deal....

To compare processors we would need to know either which model processor or the model numbers of both computers.

Twice the RAM and twice the HDD can account for much of hte price difference.  


Whatever you read was probably someones bias.  There are a lot of processors out there and it isn't apple to apples.

On a very rough basis.  Based on Passmarks CPU Benchmark

Of the top 542 processors

86 of them are AMD

25 of them are i3

82 of them are i5

132 of them are i7

211 of them are Xeon

4 of them are Core2 Extream

1 is hte Core2 Quad

and 1 of them is hte Pentium Q9650 (old processor at the bottom of the list)


Many will agree that right now the Xeon are the super powers


When you filter out the Xeon processors the top 18 are i7 then the AMD 8 core and the AMD Opteron.


Any way long description.  If you would post the model numbers for both computers I would be will someone could justify why your Dell cost more than your brothers HP.


Both Dell and HP make outstanding products, but like buying a car, my Prius may be simliar in size to a Porsch and cost a lot less but performanc is different under the hood.

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Re: Trying to figure out which of us got the better deal....

Your Dell has double the memory and double the storage space. You can run more programs at once and store more files then your brother. You both have standard 2.5 SATA hard drives and they are most likely both 5400RPM, so same speed there. You both probably have on board video graphics, the intel 520 is integrated. I am familiar with the 520, nothing special, basic. Both laptops are probably standard graphics due to the price of your brother's laptop nothing special there. The i7 processor is the price difference here. You paid more money for that. Performance wise you probably won't even notice, but your i7 is most likely "more powerful" than the AMD chip. This is my assumption based on what I know. I would go with an i7 over an A8, and 9 times out of 10, the $900 laptop is going to have a better processor than the one that is $400 (especially when purchased new in a store). As the last person said, model numbers and CPU benchmarks will prove what processor is more powerful.

The important question isn't which one is more powerful, its more like "Did I really need to spend this much for what I need a computer to do?" I think you could have saved some money and bought a laptop that would still do everything you need it to. $900 is expensive if you're just doing homework, browsing, and light light gaming. I am only assuming this is what you do because of the specs of your laptop. If that is what you do, you're good with these specs.

Not that it matters because I'm just some guy on the Internet, but in my experience AMD will give you more bang for buck. You will save money and still get decent performance. Your brother got the better deal in my eyes, but you're system can handle more.

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Re: Trying to figure out which of us got the better deal....

Other then the i7, which wI'll crush the A8 in terms of performance, the case itself also creates a price difference. For example the Inspiron 7000 series has an all aluminum case. The under 600$ machines tend to be mostly plastic