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Trouble Powering Up

I own a Gateway that I purchased from best buy last year and still seem to have the same trouble powering it up. It seems that I have to hold the power button for 7 seconds for it to power up and power down, then immediately after it powers down i need to hold the power button till it turns blue and let go to keep power. This only works if it is a cold power down... If the power goes out or i shut down the computer I have to wait until it si completely cool for this to even work, otherwise only the fan activates.


I have found however that if (when warm) i hold the power button down and unplug it while trying to power up, i then plug it in while holding the power button and it will turn on and hold power....not all the time though.


So should I change the power box unit or do i have another problem?Smiley Sad

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Re: Trouble Powering Up

Welcome, X-Bigfoot!

I fixed a similar situation where the button on the front case-bezel was the problem. They also had a lot of dust in the fans which was removed. Dust acts like a sweater or insulation and often causes overheating. The computer tries self-preservation by not powering on or shutting down when it detects high temperatures. Unfortunately your issue does not sound as simple. Anytime there are potential loose wires inside or suspected electrical problems – unplug it immediately. Then you should take it to your Geek Squad® Agent for closer examination.
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