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Triple Boot

Is it possible?

So far i have a dual boot of Windows Vista and Ubuntu and I would like to install Mac OS X Leopard as well.


Can This Be Done?



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Re: Triple Boot

kinda, look up tiger x86 project or something like that. my friend at college did it, but he was a computer science and networking major, and that is the only thing he does. with ubuntu and the gnome desktop you can make it look just like mac osx, and it is a lot more fun to use in my opinion.
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Re: Triple Boot

go google it. back in windows xp i was able to use a program called "partitionmagic". i did up to 5 different boot just for the fun of it.


with windows xp, 2000, ME, 98 and 95. i wanted to see how many OS i can put on a machine. lol