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Transfer installed programs from pc to a newer pc

HELP!- I am a music producer with Pro Tools Hd, Fruity Loops, Logic, Abelton Live programs on my pc and it’s just started cutting off and show blue screens saying “Stop Code” I’ve had it fixed once before but I’m getting nervous because it’s starting up again - I bought the cpu used and built A Lottie "struggle studio” with it and I want to just buy a new computer and merge it with my oldbcomputers software - I have over 700 tracks I CAN'T lose! SOMEBODY HELP!!!
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Re: Transfer installed programs from pc to a newer pc

.... a " little" lol
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Re: Transfer installed programs from pc to a newer pc

What were the cause of thestop errors? I know that hardware faults most likely lead up to this, but something can be done to permanently resolve them.


Are the programs downloadable? These tracks that you bought can they be backed up? I would get an external hard drive and see what you can backup and see if there is anything else you can redownload.


When you mean tracks, I am assuming these are short clips that you piece together in your music system to put stuff together or?

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Re: Transfer installed programs from pc to a newer pc

Hello BIGHB,


The infamous "blue screen of death" can come about due to a plethora of different reasons. It can be as simple as glitching software and more involved like bad hardware. Seeing as the CPU was purchased used, that would honestly be the first place I'd start looking. A used CPU can be very easy on the pockets, but can come with some hidden issues. First step would be to back up all your important files onto an external drive to ensure no hardware issues cause you to lose anything. Step two would be to visit a local Best Buy and have the computer hardware diagnosed. I'm willing to bet something in there is giving you these issues.

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