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Tiny house...TV as computer monitor TIPS

Even as advanced as our phones and tablets have become, occasionally you just HAVE to use a traditional desktop computer for things.
I have found all sorts of articles discussing why not to use a TV as a monitor or how to set one up, but nothing dedicated to sharing tips for the best short or long-term tips/solutions for when you already know you're going to and already know how to do it.
My situation:
We currently live in a small one room house/apartment and other than a few tweaks [ie. Tiny house living is awesome as long as you both that the same sleep schedule(Me - night owl, Him - Early bird). Separate bed only room will be a must!], we intend to keep the same kind of set up.
With that being said, that doesn't really leave room for a full desktop setup, nor do I really even want one. The TV that we own is an older one, but is perfect for our situation. Like in the "Olden Days", we only have and only need one TV. While he's gaming, I'm crafting; when we watch TV, we do it together; and when I'm typically needing the desktop for work from home, he's at work. Additionally, it's an older TV but not that old. It actually has the necessary features to be used as a computer monitor so the setup itself is great. These are the accessories I've already implemented:
• Wireless keyboard w/mouse pad (my couch is my computer chair)
•Wireless printer
•Cricut Joy (Bluetooth and can be stored when necessary)
What other tips/suggestions do others in the same kind of situation have for using your TV as a computer monitor?
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Re: Tiny house...TV as computer monitor TIPS

Getting a laptop instead would probably be a better way to go. Takes up a lot less space, no wireless to worry about. And you can take it with you.


The graphics processor is not designed to expand an image up to 40 inches or more.  I have connected a computer to my 50" via hdmi and and text is hard to read and video is not brilliant and sharp. However, I have not tried it with a newer high end graphics card. 


Connecting to a TV hdmi is going to be your best bet.  If your computer has a dedicated graphics card it may have output for DVI, HDMI, or Display Port. Most TV's will not accept DVI or Display Port.  But you can get converters.  If it only has a trapezoid shaped connector (typically blue) that is VGA.  In which case what you get on your TV will be barely legible. 


Before you spend a lot of money on any solution try an HDMI cable from your computer to your TV first.  That in most cases, is going to be the best you are going to get. 

On a personal note. The reason you do not see tips or solutions on using a TV as a monitor is becuase it simply does not work very well. Whihc, if you hook up and HDMI to the tv from  your computer and try to read email or start a document you may quickly see why. 

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Re: Tiny house...TV as computer monitor TIPS

Hey there, Jcrosby84,


It sounds like you've taken some great steps towards obtaining a setup that works well for you. 


It sounds like you have a great base setup and most of the additional accessories may or may not be applicable to you depending on how you are using your computer. For example, a webcam. Depending on the specifics of your setup you may also find something like the Logitech K400 Plus to be a great addition. It can be so convenient to have your keyboard and mouse in one when doing light browsing on a couch. 

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Re: Tiny house...TV as computer monitor TIPS

I know lots of people who use their HDTV as their computer monitor. Back in the day of the older computer towers you needed special hardware such as an S-VIDEO cable (guess I am showing my old age) that they were able to hook up their PC to their CRT Television but as you went higher in resolution, the smaller the icons became on the screen. CRT Televisions can do up 720x240 and thats if you have progressive scan enabled.


On the HDTV settings it should be 1920x1080 With no problems with the picture overlapping but you may run into issue depending on how your video card scales the display.

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