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Re: Tablets: Android or iOS - Any thoughts?

I guess you have a greater tolerence to the completely un-user-friendly iTunes than I do.  If I want to save 5 episodes of one podcast, and 3 episodes of another, it is a real pain to do that on iTunes.  Yes, it can be doen, but it is not easy or logical at all.  If I want to store my music, photos, files, etc on one of my NAS or my server...guess what?  Uncle Steve says I can't do that on least not if I want ot auto update anything.  ALl things considered, I would take the Zune interface over the iTunes interface without question or hesitation.  As I said, i don't think either is perfect, but as far as I am concerned, the ease of navigation, logical alyout, etc of the Zune interface is far ahaead of iTunes.  Once my iPad is out of warranty, I will jailbreak (root) it and free myself from iTunes.


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