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Tablet vs laptop

My husband likes to draw and is a tattooist and likes to listen to music with his clients what is better a tablet or laptop?
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Re: Tablet vs laptop

Gets down to an opinion. To me laptops are always going to be better than tablets in the long scheme of things.  Tablets do have their advantages that laptops don't have, but overall I find Laptops to be more useful for a wider variety of uses. 


However, as far as drawing goes that is more driven by the software used to make the drawing.


To that end I think a device that can use a STYLUS might be your best solution.  The stylus will give him bettter control over the drawing.  For straight up drawing a tablet may serve the best.  or a Laptop that doubles as a tablet


Lots of people will tell you this or that brand of Laptop or Tablet is better for this, but really it is the software.  Most of which you will purchase seperate.


You should also be aware of the drawer preference as far as screen size.  A smaller screen may not be a preferred thing.


As far as listening to music while he works one device will play music as well as another.  However, you may want to get a blue tooth speaker.


This this end I think you should look at the iPads,  or the Microsoft Surface, PIxel Slate



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Re: Tablet vs laptop

I like Laptops when compared to Tablets.