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Suspiciously broken laptop screen

So while I was gone on holiday my roomate allegedly dropped my laptop (which is older but was well taken care of) and broke the screen. However the screen seems a little TOO broken to have just been dropped on accident. The two links at the bottom are pictures of the screen and the point of origin of all the cracks which does bulge outwards. Mainly my question is, could having dropped my laptop (closed) from no more than 3ft actually damage the screen this much or was it broken dude to excessive force to the back of the screen, like if it was squeezed extremely hard?
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Re: Suspiciously broken laptop screen

It is possible that you roomate is not being entirely truthful. 

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Re: Suspiciously broken laptop screen

Hello PavG117,


Please feel free to take the following with a grain of salt, but having worked in computer (and electronic) repairs for some time at Best Buy (and many years privately) the damage does not seem consistent with a drop. Looking at both of the pictures, it looks like there was some pressure placed in the middle part of the screen, toward the top edge. The shatter damage and display bleed seems consistent with this and what I have seen before. 


That said, while not totally impossible, for any similar damage to occur the laptop would have to have fallen dead center on the top edge of the screen for the damage to look similar. However, because physics, this seems less plausible as they tend to either fall flat or on an edge. 


However, as previously mentioned, please take this as simply a suggestion as opposed to a definitive answer to your damage inquiry. Anything is possible and I can only go by what I have seen over time. 

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