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Surface Pro 3 Charging Port Repair

I have a Surface Pro 3 with a broken charging port. I have been to several local repair places, but I cannot find anyone who is familiar with the device. Is this something Geek Squad would be able to diagnose/repair? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Surface Pro 3 Charging Port Repair

Geek Squad should be able to get it repaired. 



You will need to bring it in.  You may be without your Surface for a few days or weeks. 


However, I don't not think it will be terribly cheap. 


You may also want to contact a microsoft store direclty and ask.

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Re: Surface Pro 3 Charging Port Repair

I'm not sure if the unit can be repaired. Like many modern 2-in-1s, the Surface Pro 3 wasn't really designed with repairs in mind as components and panels are glued together.