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Stuck in Safe Mode

I have a small problem with my Toshiba Laptop. It's running Windows XP Home edition.  A couple days ago it would not boot up. The only way I can get it to do anything is in the safe mode.  It will not allow me to start windows normally.  I have always had spyware and antivirus constantly running and nothing has shown up.  How do I get my computer to start in windows normally. I've tried system restore also and that doesn't do anything either.



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Re: Stuck in Safe Mode

Hi Peter!


I personally know how painful and frustrating this type of situation can be and I’m glad to hear you tried a system restore.  Were there early warning messages prior to the safe-mode-only status?  Perhaps you were unable to successfully complete the system restore or did not choose an old enough date? Did you notice any error messages after the restore?  What software have you installed or system changes have you made lately? The problem you described may still be related to an infection or other software error.


Having an anti-virus and anti-spyware running is not always enough.  As I tell customers, “You are only as protected as you are vigilant.”  Software does what you tell it to do (such as allowing occasional infections). I’ve watched many users simply click “OK” without reading the error message or system information warnings.  This can be the fastest way to inadvertently infect a computer.  Watch to ensure all updates are completed and regular scans performed on a computer – complacency is not a friend.  There are still many variables, including hardware.  Perhaps watch your system text at boot up for the “SMART Error” hard drive warning? Admittedly, without examining your system I would not know exactly what happened.  


The easiest answer is to take your computer to a Geek Squad® Agent in store or call 1-800-GEEKSQUAD (1-800-423-5778) for an on-site appointment or pay-as-you-go phone support.  CAUTION: If you intend to wipe your drive and reinstall your Operating System – make sure you first backup all important data. 

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Re: Stuck in Safe Mode

What happens when you try to boot into normal mode (ie. not using F8 to select safe mode)? Does it display a bluescreen, crash or simply automatically go to safe mode? The resolution to your problem will depend on further clarification.