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Stocking New Razer Blade Laptop?

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Good morning. I was wondering if Best Buy will be carrying the New Razer Blade Laptop?


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Re: Stocking New Razer Blade Laptop?

New gaming laptops are a thing of beauty.  As they get a better handle on cooling I think gaming laptops will get more popular.  I looked at the stats for the Razer Blade Laptop


At this time Best Buy does not carry that brand and I have not seen any word that they will in the near future. However you can suggest it in the ideas.


On another note despite the specs I would be a little turned off by the tiny screen  14.0"


For the same price you can get an MSI Dominator with a 17" screen, same processor, 128 GB SDD/1 TB HDD and a 1070 GPU over the 1060



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Re: Stocking New Razer Blade Laptop?


   Thank you very much for your input, however I feel that you cannot speak on behalf of Best Buy as to whether they will carry the item I have in question (The New Razer Blade).

   I also would like to note that your recommendation does not meet any of the requirements I was looking for in a new laptop. This would probably be because you didn't ask why specifically I was looking at that particular laptop but since you would like to offer recommendations I will let you know why.

   I travel a lot and quite frankly tired of carrying my Alienware M18xR2 with me where ever I go (prior to this was a Dell XPS 18"). These laptops weigh in at around 10lbs+ so now I'm looking to go light weight. Not to mention, do you know how hard it is to pull a laptop out from underneath the seat in front of you on a plane and put it on the tiny tray in front of you? Pretty darn encumbersome! So now I'm looking for something more light weight (4.3lbs for the Razer) even if I have to compromise on power. Power which, by the way, can be easily fixed by Razer's Core and putting my GTX 1080 in giving me full desktop graphical power when I'm at my location and external hard drives to make up storage space. I've done my homework. I've spent hours scrubbing through forums, stores, reviews, and so forth trying to decide what laptop will fit right for me and this is what I've decided upon.

   I'm also confused Bobberuchi if you actually searched Best Buy for Razer? You said that they do not carry that brand yet if you look Best Buy carries many Razer products! Razer's website even says that Best Buy is a reseller. Sure I haven't seen an actual system on Best Buys webiste, but that was the point of my post. I will certainly put an idea in IdeaX if that is where I should go to request Best Buy to carry this laptop. I would like to ask once again from a Best Buy representative if they will be carrying this system so I know whether or not to wait.


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Re: Stocking New Razer Blade Laptop?

Hi otherworldview –


Bobberuchi is spot on in his answer. While we do carry a number of Razer products, at this time we do not carry any Razer laptops, and have not announced if we will be. Regrettably we cannot speak specifically to any products we may carry in the future, so I recommend keeping an eye on our website for any updates.



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Re: Stocking New Razer Blade Laptop?



Thank you sir.