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Sony Vaio CR laptop minor water spill. HELP!

My daughter has a less than 1 year old Sony Vaio CR laptop.  Some water was spilt on the laptop when it was off and now it won't turn on.  Anything I can do other than GS service or manufacturer repair?  How do I know if it is a motherboard damage?  Cause if it is, I might as well just purchase a new one for her, right?
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Re: Sony Vaio CR laptop minor water spill. HELP!

Oh no, gracep!


Accidents do happen and hopefully you purchased a Best Buy® Performance Service Plan (PSP) or Geek Squad® Black Tie Protection Plan with accidental coverage?  These plans won’t cover submersion but the Accidental plans do cover small spills; manufacturer’s warranties do not cover spills. Here is a tip for everyone with a keyboard spill.  Immediately remove the plug and slide off the battery to turn off the power.  Turn it over, keyboard side down, and open wide like an upside down “V." Place on a towel to dry for about 24 to 48 hours.  Do NOT use a hair dryer as it will melt sensitive connections. Spill damage can be instantaneous; there are no guarantees this will fix or prevent anything.  Ultimately you will need to bring to a professional such as your local Geek Squad®.  Cases like this tend to end in keyboard replacement or a whole new computer.  Good luck!

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