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Solid State drives

I purchased the 120gb PNY Solid State Drive on Saturday of last week and I am very happy with it's performance. This is my first entry into the world of such drives and I must say everything works extrodinarily well.


My next step is to get an enclosure (currently eying my eyes on the Insignia one) and turn the 320gb drive that was inside my Lenovo X140e into external storage.


It looks like the drive is still on sale at the time of this post, so anyone who may want a cheap and reliable upgrade should go for this or any SSD, It would make a difference on an older computer.

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Re: Solid State drives

I will never go forward with a new computer that does not have SSD for the primary (boot drive) 


Someday something will come out that is better but for now SSD is really excellent

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