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OK, needless to say I'm not a technology-savvy person. But I really need help/advice with this.

My laptop(Sony Vaio) started smoking last night. Actually, I think it was the AC adapter cord that was smoking. I'm not sure either way. But once I realized I didn't make smoke magically appear... I unplugged it and the laptop just shut down. I haven't touched it since.

So... now I'm afraid to turn it on and especially to plug it in again. I don't know what happened. I'd like to know what this means... as in what happened and is it safe to try to turn it on or plug it in again. Do I need to buy anything to make it work? It was about ready to go anyway but I really would like the pictures of my son off of it. I think that's all I want, though. Is there anyway I can get them without paying a lot? Do I just need to buy a new laptop? If so.... I guess that opens up a whole nother ballpark, huh? 

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Re: Smoking?

You could take it into one of the Best Buy's and have them look at it.  If it is under a year old, you still have the warrenty that came from the manufactor, or if you have a service plan, Best buy will cover it.


As for transferring data off of something, I think the price is like 159 or there abouts.

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