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Should I buy a new GPU or CPU first?

Okay so basically ive had my computer for about 2 years its running a GTX 1070, i5 8400, 16 gb ram, mobo is a b350 aorus gaming 3, now im trying to decide should I upgrade to the RTX 2070 super or is it not worth it because of my cpu, what are your thoughts/ opinions on what i should uprgade first, keep in mind if i upgrade my CPU to a 9th gen i would need to upgrade the motherboard and my pc store(Centrecom) only has the i5 8400 in 8th gen, so it looks like id have to fork out some more cash

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Re: Should I buy a new GPU or CPU first?

As you wrote to upgrade your CPU you would also need to upgrade your motherboard.


For the GPU will need at least a 650W power supply with a  6 pin and an 8 pin connector

Mother board that is PCI Express  x16

Your OS also needs to be 64 bit


So I guess I would upgrade the CPU and motherboard first. If your OS is only 32 bit upgrade to 64 bit.


then get the new GPU


In August I went from the 1070 to the 2070 the game quality difference is extraordinary 


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Re: Should I buy a new GPU or CPU first?

It's completly dependant on what kinds of games you run and where you want to see an increase. 


For example, if you pleay games that are CPU heavy (e.g. The Sims) and are seeing low frame rates or stuttering, it may be worth upgrading your CPU.


On the other hand if the main hold up is graphics the go for the GPU first.


One test would be to turn your graphics all the way down in a game you like. Do you see a noticable performance increace? if not, it's probably your CPU holding you back.


In most case GPU will usually be a better upgrade than a new mobo and CPU. In today's games the GPU is doing much of the heavy lifting and a GPU will get you the most noticable gains (in most, but not all cases).