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Samsung Laptops- setting that makes them SLOW (and how to fix)

After spending some time trying to see why my son's new Samsung Series 3 laptop with a Core i3 processor was so sluggish, we benchmarked it and found out the 2.4 Ghz processor was running at 898 Mhz.  We found this- Function/F11 turns the internal fan on or off, and slows down the processor. Possibly the fan is turned off during setup, when the Samsung Eco-Mode software asks it's questions.
Reading reviews on several Samsung laptops, I saw many posts of frustration, looking like Best Buy has had many returns on these laptops.
There is nowhere to post this solution on THIS laptop's Best Buy review page, for some reason. It was the Black Friday bundle.
His Windows Performance Experience processor number jumped from 3.8 to 6.8 once we turned the fan back on.

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Re: Samsung Laptops- setting that makes them SLOW (and how to fix)

That looks like a problem with the Intel Speedstep tech, which will do exactly what you say it was doing. Probably needs a driver or BIOS update if it's acting squirrely like that.